At Camp Henry, your child is sure to learn new skills, build confidence, and create memories to last a lifetime.


Sleep in style! 

Plus, Camp Henry is newly renovated and has state-of-the-art facilities that are fully accessible to ensure your kids will always be comfortable!  Think glamping for your youngsters.

Otentik’s, which are unique to Canada’s National Parks, are a cross between a large cabin and a tent. That means your child will have the fun experience of sleeping in a tent, with the added comfort of a bunk bed, plus each otentik is equipped with a heating unit for cooler weather and a large deck (including storage space for personal items). 

The camp’s closer proximity to home means younger campers can still enjoy an overnight camping experience and will alleviate some of mom and dad’s worrying. Not to mention the Y’s most trained, caring staff and role models will be there to support your child in their new camping experiences.  

Each otentik sleeps 7 campers and 1 counsellor, meaning 24- hour supervision. 

What happens if my child is homesick? 

At Camp Henry, our highly experienced and trained Y staff will be with campers at all times, ensuring they are always safe.  The campgrounds are secure, and all camp facilities are fully accessible. 

Each day, campers can receive a little piece of home! Any emails you write, we will distribute to campers so they know you are always thinking about them.  We will also accommodate friends and family members in the same cabin upon request.  Plus, we will be sharing fun photos on our social channels so you can follow along on your children’s adventures!