Family Camp

Join us for YMCA Camp Henry Family Camp!


*If you have more than 6 members in your family, please contact so we can work with you to be sure all of your family members can attend!

For the first and last week of summer, Camp Henry runs a 4 night family camp program. Your family will stay in their very own oTENTik, enjoy meals in our dining hall, and experience awesome traditional camp activities including campfires, archery, canoeing, hiking and so much more!  This is an ideal opportunity to reconnect with the people you love and enjoy the last few days of summer, while exploring the beauty of Point Pelee National Park. Everyone has their own definition of family and we welcome everyone at YMCA Camp Henry, we just ask that two generations attend with each group that registers.


Upon arrival at camp Sunday afternoon, your family will be given a schedule of our programs for the week. At each meal we will be announcing the program options for the day and which activities require a sign up in advance. At any given point in the day there will be multiple programs to choose from for you and your family to participate in. Families are welcome to join in activities together, or individually – whatever you feel like each day! Program options will include activities such as archery, hiking, swimming, biking, sandcastles, campfires, boating, and of course, lots of classic camp games!



Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of their children at all times except during activities run by staff that do not require a parent/guardian to be present. We ask that parents bring young children to their programs and pick them up afterwards to ensure their safety, as well as allowing the program facilitator in that area to continue with the following program. Children under the age of 3 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Young children are welcome in all program areas as long as an adult accompanies them.



All meals will be provided for you and your family by our Camp Henry Food Service team in our dining hall. Three meals a day with snacks, coffee, and tea always available, there will be no shortage of options for even the pickiest of eaters! We are able to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies, just be sure to let us know when you register. If families would like to bring snacks with them to camp, they are more than welcome to do, as long as these are nut free.


Camp Life

We are so lucky to be located right in Point Pelee National Park. many of our programs take advantage of this unique location but if you would like to explore the park as a family on your own, just check in with the office and we can help you with your plans. It is important that everyone here at YMCA Camp Henry treat both the natural environment and camp property with the utmost respect so that we can protect this unique ecosystem. Another important aspect of camp is our inclusive community. We welcome people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life to join us here at Camp Henry. We ask that the oTENTik area is quiet after 10:00pm to allow everyone to get the rest they need. Please feel free to enjoy each other’s company in the dining hall as late (or as early!) as you like! In addition to this, we also ask that participants do not bring or consume alcohol at YMCA Camp Henry. At no time are non-prescription drugs permitted onsite.

Arrival & Departures

Please arrive at Camp Henry on your arrival day between 3.00-4.00pm. Once you arrive at the entrance to the national park, simply advise the park staff that you are attending YMCA Camp Henry and they will waive the entry fee for your vehicle.

On departure day, we finish the session with a farewell BBQ lunch at North-West Beach in the national park. Once checked out of their oTENTik, families are welcome to drive themselves to the beach and head off home at whatever time they would prefer once lunch is wrapped up. This is generally around 1.00-1.30pm.